The Work Place is Changing (But Some Things Never Do!)

Smiling Business Man

Most of us work somewhere that does not resemble “our father’s” workplace of the past. The hallmark of the employee 20-50 years ago was to remain at a company for life. Now employers and employees may expect to change jobs 3 – 4 times over their career.  This can give the perception that certain virtues and values have disappeared. There are certain characteristics that are still sought by an employer. Loyalty. People change careers or may be hired as a consultant for a limited period of time. Loyalty still matters. People will always prefer to work with someone they trust and they know is with loyalty to the job. Loyalty is not measured by time alone.

Responsibility. Employers are still seeking people who are willing to take responsibility. It’s a sign of maturity and a leader, plus effective, hard workers typically shoulder responsibility.

Honesty. Telling the truth and living an honest life will never go out of style.

Courage. It takes courage to fight for what is right in a project or to speak up if an unsafe work condition is identified.