Taking Part In The MS 150


Our team made it to the finish line! But this was never just about 4 riders going 142 miles on bicycles from Houston to Austin on a weekend in April. Finishing was NEVER in doubt because your thoughts, prayers, and support ensured a level of commitment that did not allow for anything other than a successful completion of the goal. We sincerely thank you for participating with us. Together we have raised over $7,000 that will benefit those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and to find a cure. Total contributions from 14,000 riders and companies were $15.1 million!

We started our cycling journey Saturday just after 7 in the morning from Waller, TX. Our biggest concern was the projected 18mph headwind that would surely have a big impact on the bike ride. While the constant wind in our faces certainly added to the challenge of the day, we were pleasantly surprised when we finished the 74.2 mile, just before 4 in the afternoon…  This headwind was the strongest the MS 150 has seen in the last 7 years of riding. We heard stories about sag wagons (wagons that picked-up cycles along the way) with signs posting "Full" marked on the windows. Ultimately the organization had to revert to school buses to accommodate the amount of stranded riders.

Our support crew was tremendous!! Melissa O’Shea, Nicole Quinn, Christopher Heiskell and Delaney Heiskell were a God-send.

Our Sunday strategy was to ride the 68 miles together as a Team through the finish line in Austin, TX: cycling through the middle of Texas in the rain on a 2-lane country road, it was more than comforting but very challenging. As we expected, the finish line was a sight for sore eyes and legs, yet a surreal experience. We all were thrilled to have come so far in support of the many that suffer from MS.

We thank you for all of your support, thoughts, prayers, and financial contributions. This has been a truly rewarding experience.