Be Aware Of The Summer Heat!

Be aware of how the summer heat takes it toll on

you and your coworkers!

As the summer heats up it is time to remember to take care when working or playing outside in the heat.  The 3 R’s to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke are:

Replenish- Your body loses salt and empties the body’s “Gas Tank” when sweating in the heat.  Refuel by eating oranges, bananas and potato chips.  Food is how our bodies get the nutrients and energy to work.

Rehydrate- Half of what we are made of is water.  We lose water every time we sweat, use the bathroom and even breathe!  We need all of this water to function properly, so when we lose too much we become dehydrated.  Dehydration can be life threatening so drinking water in the heat conditions is vital.  Losing a gallon of water or even more on a hot day working or playing outside is to be expected so DRINK UP and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) of water with you.

Rest- If you get dehydrated, you can become too hot and your skin can turn red and your insides become heated.  Resting in the shade and even avoiding the outside during the hottest time of day is wise.  Heat Stroke symptoms are headache, nausea, pale skin, light headedness and extreme fatigue.  A hot brain can make you feel dizzy, argumentative, crazy or disoriented.  These are signs of Heat Stroke and you must cool off quickly.  Cool off by wetting the skin with water and fanning to speed up the cooling effect of evaporation, and massage the arms and legs to get the cooled blood circulating inside.  Medical help should be called immediately if Heat Stroke is suspected. 

So slow down, take a break during the hottest part of the day, wear cotton clothes to keep cool and have a snack with water!  Drink lots of water!