Personal dedication to what is important…

I am often asked “Tell me about GPS and what makes you different?”. 

  • The first thing I will always say is- We treat our employees and ICs like we want to be treated. This is just 1 of our core values. Our employees and ICs will usually carry us with them to their next job or request that GPS represent them if they are offered a project position. 
  • Our office has very little turnover, so our employees, contractors and clients will have a consistent line of communication with GPS.  All of our office staff is available and able to assist in the task at hand. We are a team that supports each other at work and at home.
  • One thing I have always admitted was that I am not perfect but I am especially good at making things right. Our company motto is to "Make it work right the first time". If it is not right then fixing it is our priority not covering it up or passing blame.

As a workforce solutions company, we are very much like our competitors: we all have special processes for reviewing resumes, we all perform background screening, we all have a growing database of qualified candidates. 

What sets us apart is our personal dedication to what is important- the people we work with.