CGM provides local support with technical solutions services, business & project management that is complimented with workforce solutions.  Our local team is familiar with the laws and speaks not just Portuguese & English but some of the local dialects as well.  Knowledgeable and experienced personnel located in country are ready to fully support our clients activities.  Having this support ensures our clients projects are moving forward in a timely and efficient manner. Cost savings are realized with client focus added value budget management with an Open Book mentality. 

CGM is fully registered and licensed in these commercial activities:

  • Licensed Private Employment Agency for Nationals & Expatriates

  • Construction activities (Energy related not commercial) including pipelines, geology surveys, testing & technical analysis

  • Human Resources and Recruitment Services, Visa & Immigration Services

  • Wholesale Trade including Import & Export of Goods

  • Marine activities including testing & certification of ships

  • Business consulting, Scientific Auditing, & Project Management

  • Engineering and related engineering activities

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