Workforce Services

Contract Hire

No matter the demand of the job, whether it’s for one or multiple personnel, short-term or long-term, domestic or foreign; the client can rely on GPS in being dedicated in finding the right people each and every time. With every client, we make sure to understand all of the needs to give them the best candidates possible.

The GPS contract recruiting team delivers a level of talent that is a step above the rest. With many years of research and networking expertise in the oil and gas industry, we have the ability to find highly skilled workers for the task at hand.

Direct Hire

GPS works within a network with many professionals that have a vast amount of knowledge about the oil and gas industry. We are dedicated to placing our high level candidates with superior companies.

Candidate Search

Every job position is unique; from the location, to the number of years’ experience needed. Much evaluation and research throughout the industry is completed to provide the very best recommendation possible. That is why GPS has a process throughout each candidate search.

The Candidate Search Process

  • Understanding: Each client that GPS talks with makes sure to get a clear and complete understanding of the role needing to be filled. We ask specific questions about experience and requirements on what they are exactly looking for.
  • Identify: From there we take what the client is looking for, combined with our industry expertise and let the search for the position begin. Our researching staff will identify and network with the proper candidates that have the qualifications suited for the job. After reviewing all resumes and CVs, we will produce a list of possible candidates.
  • Interview: Final candidates are narrowed down to be interviewed by the client representative looking to fill the position at hand. During the process of interviewing, if there are details that need to be discussed or negotiated, GPS may manage this process to keep issues between both parties.
  • Placement: Once a candidate has been determined and all contracts have been signed, the candidate is now committed to the responsibilities given per client.

Personnel Provided

GPS is committed and focused entirely on providing the best qualified candidates within the Oil and Gas sector. We are a business that has a strong understanding of the industry along with it particular job needs. With our accomplishments and knowledge, it has continuously shown outstanding quality outcomes for our customers.

Below is a list of the several sectors that GPS recruits for. If you do not see a particular sector title within your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Administration
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Drilling
  • Engineering
  • HSSE
  • Logistics / Materials
  • Plant Management & Maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Project Management / Project Services
  • Quality / Inspection Services
  • Subsea / Subsurface

For more information on our workforce services, please do not hesitate to contact us.