Our Values

The GPS values are an overview of how we demonstrate and communicate the way we do business. These 5 different values are consistently portrayed throughout the company.


We believe in demonstrating the highest moral and ethical principals in our work, which illustrates our credibility to both clients and consultants alike. Reaching a standard of excellence as a company and as individuals.


We strive to always form unique business principles to further satisfy and create opportunities from our internal and external clients’. By thinking outside the box and trying new ways we can accomplish our goals.

Customer Service

By putting forth our Clients’ and Consultants’ best interests first we can work on achieving the highest standard of performance and supplying top notch talent.


We believe honesty, diligence and reliability are the basis of our company. Words and deeds match up; We are who are no matter who we are with.


We have a great respect for giving. we give in our time and our profits to the community and non-profits organizations year round. We bring our beliefs to the workplace whenever possible by creating opportunities for us to impact the community and the world we live in.