The A. C. Company

 was founded in 1969 by


Joseph “Cotton” Gibson

The A.C. Company was the first to introduce pickup/laydown services to the gulf coast region and held several patents.  In the early 1970’s developed some of the first pneumatic drilling rig instrumentation and pioneered electronic instrumentation.  By the early 1980’s The A. C. Company was one of the first to bring full electronic instrumentation to drilling and work-over.  The first to introduce closed circuit television for monitoring & recording various rig operations.  Our cornerstone of uncompromising service was established and continues to be the foundation of our survival and success.

Tigerfish Energy is a company focused on technology and real-world implementation.

A fresh new innovative technology company that is shaping the future to address the challenges our clients experience.


Tigerfish Energy is a GPS International LLC company.