Production Chemistry & Chemical Systems, Tanmay Anand

Tanmay is an Engineering Consultant and Business Group Manager with Chemical Systems Engineering Group at GATE, Inc. With over six years of experience in industry and academia , Tanmay has developed a cross-disciplinary expertise by leading projects in the field of scaling and souring modeling, mitigation, and remediation, chemical system design, production chemical testing, umbilical displacement and commissioning procedures, operational flow assurance, and integrity management. As a Materials and Corrosion Engineering specialist, Tanmay has a deep understanding of metallic and nonmetallic material behavior in hostile conditions, including HPHT and ultra-HPHT environments.


  • Material Selection for Deepwater Projects
  • Chemical Systems Design and Operation
  • Corrosion Management
  • Scaling and Souring Risk Assessment
  • Production Chemical Testing and Selection
  • Operational Flow Assurance
  • Umbilical Displacement and Commissioning Procedures

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